PMP Provides 4-pillar horizontal wax injection machines to meet the demands of the modern investment casting industry.

PMP offers an innovative and unique injection system design that optimizes space and wax movement. Temperature control of the wax conditioner, injection chamber and nozzle are standard on every machine. The “In-Line” injection system provides for smooth, straight line, laminar flow of wax from the injection system to the mold.

Standard injection and machine controls provide for precise, repeatable injections for manual and semi-automatic pattern production. Each machine is designed for ease of use and maintenance. Simple modular design is coupled with a PLC based, electro/hydraulic package loaded with benefits to fit specific investment casting.

Whether the C-frame or 4-Pillar, these machines provided by PMP offer the following standard features:

  • Auto purge of wax after each cycle
  • Auto wax change between cycles
  • 3 Zones of temperature control
  • T-slots on bottom & moving platen
  • High temperature alarm/shutdown
  • Low noise pumping system
  • Panels around machine
  • Independent Platen cooling (Optional)


Description 4 Pillar, Vertical Down Stroke Clamping, Horizontal Inj., Vertical Suction, Adj. Nozzle In Horizontal & Vertical Axis Semi Automatic Wax Injection Press
Dia Clamping Force 12 TON 20 TON 35 TON
Admit Bett. Pillers 450 X 450 mm 600 X 600 mm 700 X 700 mm
Daylight 450 mm 600 mm 700 mm
Single Shot 2000 cc 4000 cc 4000 cc
Table Height 950 mm 1000 mm 1050 mm
Injection Force 03 TON 05 TON 9 TON
Electric Load 8 kva 8 kva 9 kva
Hyd. Pump Hp 5 5 5
Nozel Up/Down Motorised 35 TO 260 mm 60 TO 360 mm 60 TO 460 mm
Dwell Time 0 – 999 SEC 0 – 999 SEC 0 – 999 SEC
Nozzle Tip 10 mm SPHERICAL  RADIUS.
Wax Tank 30 LTR 60 LTR 90 LTR
Aluminium Alloy Tube Type Tank With Multi Band Heater & Motorised Stirrer.
Temp. Controller Independent PID Controllers For Tank & Block Temp. Sunbeam Type Controllers For Nozzle
Auto Sequence Push To Auto Start – Clamp Down – Suction Of Wax – Nozzle Out Injection – Nozzle In – Clamp Up – Surplus Wax In To Tank.
Die Mounting T – Slots In Upper & Lower Plate For Die Clamping.
Mould Ejector Hydraulic With Speed & Pre. Adjustable.
Platen Colling( Optional) Zig-Zag Waterways In Upper & Lower Platens


  • We reserve the rights to change or alter the specifications as may be necessitated without prior notice.