Front Flange

Clavis Mounted

Tie Rod Type


Construction Tie Rod, Flange, Turnion, Foot, Clavis Mounted
Bore Diameter 25mm to 600mm
Max Pressure Upto 350 kg/
Rod Diameter 16 mm To 400 mm
Stroke Upto 3500 mm

We manufacture custom TIE ROD, WELDED and SPECIAL style cylinders & JACKS in many configurations and build them to the customer’s specifications.Our staff is comprised of people with many years of hydraulic experience and cylinder design. We offer competitive pricing, superior quality, and a reasonable lead time.

PMP MACHINE TOOLS, Since 1975 has achieved a reputation for service and consistent quality. We are large enough to fulfill your requirements, yet small enough to give your company personalized service.


  • TUBE : Seamless honed barrels to a micro-finish provide long piston seal life and prevent failure of the cylinder. The barrel material is selected on the basis of application & working pressure.
  • PISTON ROD :High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated and regrinded to ensure anti-corrosion and maximum seal life. The rod material is EN 8
  • SEALS : All ‘PMP’ cylinders employ international quality Seals, that are self-adjusting for long trouble free life. Presently we are using “Parker”, “MARKEL”, “TTI” or equivalent make seal-kits in our cylinders as per International norms & Standards.


  • We reserve the rights to change or alter the specifications as may be necessitated without prior notice.