Shear Machine

Hyd. Power Pack

Drive Panel

H.M.I. Panel

  • An unique feature expertise for synchronization of billet speed with shear machine travel gives ±15mm cutting length accuracy.
  • Water circulated body and circuit
  • Centralized greasing system
  • Special heat treated tool steel cutting blade material for long life
  • First ever machine shears alloy steel material of section 240x200mm @ 900℃

Owing to our expertise in the domain. We are involved in manufacturing, exporting & supplying wide range of hydraulic presses, cylinders & power packs since 1996. We have in house facilities like fabrication shop, machine shop as well as assembly shop. Since last 3 years we are introduce our new product “hot billet shearing machine” for steel billets manufacturers. We are manufacturing horizontal as well as vertical shear machines.

Our provided shear machines are majorly used for cutting mild steel hot slabs, plate, girders blooms & billets. offered shear machines are precisely manufactured by utilizing optimum quality components and ultra modern techniques. In vertical shear 4-pillar guided pillars constructed in design vertical upward cutting.

Very use full to cut small & medium size in length billets for online rolling mills. Hard chrome plated pillars helps for guiding cutting blades. Water cooled platens to help cool down machine body to increase its life. Machine travel with billet speed with help of hydraulic travel cylinder. We can provide these machines synchronized with ccm through automation help of PLC & HMI.

we are manufacturer of Hot Billet Shear Machine. We also provide you this machine with automation synchronize with ccm speed and give better accuracy for cut to length. this machine is eco friendly no gases required. zero material loss.


Cutting Force TONS 75 90 105 300
Cutting Cyl. Stroke mm 190 210 285 300
Working Pre. kg/ 150 150 150 200
Daylight Gap mm 170 190 260 280
Cutting Cy. Speed    Cutting/Return mm/sec 22/50 22/50 22/50 22/50
Electric Motor hp 25 30 50 70
Electric Motor For Travel hp 02 02 03 05
Travel  Cylinder Stroke mm 800 1000 1000 1000
Max Billet Cutting Size mm 130×130 160×160 200×200 240×200
Oil Tank Capacity ( For Two Machine) ltr 600 800 1000 1200
Operating mode MANUAL & AUTO BY HMI & PLC
Minimum Temp. Of Billet Required 950 (MINIMUM)
Cutting Length Accuracy
With Automation
mm ±15mm ±15mm ±15mm ±15mm
Electric Motor For Heat Exchangers hp 2 2 2 2
Plate Type Heat Exchanger kcal/hr 9000 12000 12000 12000
Approx. Weight kg 3200 3800 5000 6000


  • Zero metal cutting loss
  • Echo friendly no gases required
  • Easy to install with your exciting billet caster
  • Special tool steel cutting blade with unique hardening process.
  • Can be synchronized with your CCM through automation
  • Minimize error end cutting length in the rolling mill.

Material Saving Compression Calculation

Billet size in mm Mini. cut thickness in oxy aci. cutting mm Material loss per cut through oxy.aci.cutting in gms Cut thickness in shear machine mm Material saving per cut in gms
100 x 100 6 450 0 450
130 x 130 6 800 0 800
160 x 160 7 1400 0 1400
200 x 200 8 2200 0 2200


  • We reserve the rights to change or alter the specifications as may be necessitated without prior notice.